Posted by BW Actual on May 26th 2023



  • Ukraine said it shot down ten missiles and over 20 drones that Russia lobbed at Kyiv overnight.
  • Russia also targeted Dnipro - where one of its missiles hit a hospital, killing one person - and Kharkiv - where Russian strikes caused a fire at an oil depot.
  • Counterintuitively, Ukraine is having a harder time intercepting Russia's Soviet-era aircraft bombs than its longer-range modern ones: the retro models don't give Ukrainian air defense systems enough time to spot and strike them.
  • Russia's Wagner Group's leader, Yevgeny Prigozhin, said Wagner is withdrawing from Bakhmut and will leave the captured city with the Russian army to hold. That could be a tough test for the regular army, which Prigozhin claims has become overly reliant on Wagner's help.
  • Prigozhin isn't likely to smooth the transition for the army (whose leadership he openly bickers with) either. He told his fighters to "leave them soap but take away your toothbrushes."
  • Russia and Belarus signed a deal formalizing the deployment of Russian tactical nuclear weapons to Belarus. Pres. Putin announced plans to send these weapons to Belarus earlier this year, but it's not clear when they would actually be deployed.
  • Mozambique selected a consortium led by TotalEnergies SE and Electricit√© de France SA (EDF) to lead the construction of a $4.5 billion, 1,500-megawatt hydroelectric project in central Mozambique.
  • Southern Africa badly needs more power generation capacity now, but this new plant isn't expected to come online until 2030.
Strategic Minerals
  • A study published in Current Biology found over 5,000 previously-undiscovered species in the Pacific Ocean's Clipperton Zone, which deep-sea mining companies have been eyeing for exploration. Biologists and activists will certainly use that finding as leverage to stall mineral exploration there.